Laryngeal cleft.

  title={Laryngeal cleft.},
  author={St{\'e}phane M Pezzettigotta and Nicolas Leboulanger and Gilles Roger and Françoise Denoyelle and E N Garab{\'e}dian},
  journal={Otolaryngologic clinics of North America},
  volume={41 5},
  pages={913-33, ix}
Laryngeal clefts are rare congenital anomalies, first described in 1792 by Richter, that allow communication between the tracheal and esophageal axis. The incidence is 1 in 10,000 to 20,000 births, which represents approximately 1.5% of the laryngeal pathology in children. Laryngeal clefts result from a failure of fusion of the posterior cricoid lamina and development of the tracheoesophageal septum. Recent work has further refined our understanding of this complex development. 

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