Large transverse thermoelectric figure of merit in a topological Dirac semimetal

  title={Large transverse thermoelectric figure of merit in a topological Dirac semimetal},
  author={Junsen Xiang and Sile Hu and Mengjiao Lyu and Wen-liang Zhu and Chaoyang Ma and Ziyu Chen and Frank Steglich and Genfu Chen and P. Sun},
  journal={arXiv: Materials Science},
Thermoelectric (TE) conversion in conducting materials is of eminent importance for providing renewable energy and solid-state cooling. Although traditionally, the Seebeck effect plays a key role for the TE figure of merit zST, it encounters fundamental constraints hindering its conversion efficiency. Most notably, there are the charge compensation of electrons and holes that diminishes this effect, and the intertwinement of the corresponding electrical and thermal conductivities through the… Expand
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