Large-spin asymptotics of Euclidean LQG flat-space wavefunctions

  title={Large-spin asymptotics of Euclidean LQG flat-space wavefunctions},
  author={A. Mikovi{\'c} and M. Vojinovic},
  journal={Advances in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics},
  • A. Miković, M. Vojinovic
  • Published 2011
  • Physics, Mathematics
  • Advances in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics
  • We analyze the large-spin asymptotics of a class of spin-network wavefunctions of Euclidean Loop Quantum Gravity, which corresponds to a flat spacetime. A wavefunction from this class can be represented as a sum over the spins of an amplitude for a spin network whose graph is a composition of the the wavefunction spin network graph with the dual one-complex graph and the tetrahedron graphs for a triangulation of the spatial 3-manifold. This spin-network amplitude can be represented as a product… CONTINUE READING

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