Large scale quantum walks by means of optical fiber cavities

  title={Large scale quantum walks by means of optical fiber cavities},
  author={J. Boutari and Amir Feizpour and S. Barz and C. D. Franco and M. Kim and W. S. Kolthammer and I. A. Walmsley},
  journal={Journal of Optics},
  • J. Boutari, Amir Feizpour, +4 authors I. A. Walmsley
  • Published 2016
  • Computer Science, Physics
  • Journal of Optics
  • We demonstrate a platform for implementing quantum walks that overcomes many of the barriers associated with photonic implementations. We use coupled fiber-optic cavities to implement time-bin encoded walks in an integrated system. We show that this platform can achieve very low losses combined with high-fidelity operations, enabling an unprecedented large number of steps in a passive system, as required for scenarios with multiple walkers. Furthermore the platform is reconfigurable, enabling… CONTINUE READING
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