Large-scale phenotypic analysis--the pilot project on yeast chromosome III.

  title={Large-scale phenotypic analysis--the pilot project on yeast chromosome III.},
  author={Klaus Rieger and Aneta Kaniak and J Y Copp{\'e}e and G. Aljinovic and Agn{\`e}s Baudin-Baillieu and G Orlowska and Robert Gromadka and Olga Groudinsky and Jean Paul di Rago and Piotr P. Slonimski},
  volume={13 16},
In 1993, a pilot project for the functional analysis of newly discovered open reading frames, presumably coding for proteins, from yeast chromosome III was launched by the European Community. In the frame of this programme, we have developed a large-scale screening for the identification of gene/protein functions via systematic phenotypic analysis. To this end, some 80 haploid mutant yeast strains were constructed, each carrying a targeted deletion of a single gene obtained by HIS3 or TRP1… CONTINUE READING

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