Large-scale nanorobotic factory automation based on the NanoWalker technology

  title={Large-scale nanorobotic factory automation based on the NanoWalker technology},
  author={Sylvain Martel and Stefen Riebel and Torsten Koker and Mark Sherwood and Ian W. Hunter},
  journal={ETFA 2001. 8th International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation. Proceedings (Cat. No.01TH8597)},
  pages={591-597 vol.2}
The emerging fields of nanosciences and nanoengineering will provide the ability to work at the molecular level to create larger structures with new molecular organization. This understanding and control over the fundamental building blocks of all physical entities will lead to new emerging opportunities in factory automation. Although research in this field is very active, little has been done toward increasing the throughput rate, a factor that will be critically important in future… CONTINUE READING