Large-scale arrays of single-layer graphene resonators.

  title={Large-scale arrays of single-layer graphene resonators.},
  author={Arend M van der Zande and Robert Anthony Barton and Jonathan S. Alden and Carlos S. Ruiz-Vargas and William S Whitney and Phi H. Q. Pham and Jiwoong Park and Jeevak M. Parpia and Harold G. Craighead and Paul L. McEuen},
  journal={Nano letters},
  volume={10 12},
We fabricated large arrays of suspended, single-layer graphene membrane resonators using chemical vapor deposition (CVD) growth followed by patterning and transfer. We measure the resonators using both optical and electrical actuation and detection techniques. We find that the resonators can be modeled as flat membranes under tension, and that clamping the membranes on all sides improves agreement with our model and reduces the variation in frequency between identical resonators. The resonance… CONTINUE READING
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