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Large-scale Fabrication of High-Density Silicon-vacancy Centers via Helium-ion Implantation of Diamond Nucleation Surface

  title={Large-scale Fabrication of High-Density Silicon-vacancy Centers via Helium-ion Implantation of Diamond Nucleation Surface},
  author={Chengyuan Yang and Zhaohong Mi and Huining Jin and Andrew A. Bettiol},
Silicon-vacancy (SiV) color centers in diamond have great potential for optical sensing and bioimaging applications. However, the fabrication of large-scale high density SiV centers in diamond remains difficult. Here, we report a promising method for the fabrication of high density SiV ̄ centers in a low-cost polycrystalline diamond film grown on an inches-scale Si wafer. Our method utilizes the nucleation surface of the diamond film which initially interfaces with the Si wafer. Benefited from… 

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