Large-scale 3D printing by a team of mobile robots

  title={Large-scale 3D printing by a team of mobile robots},
  author={Xu Zhang and Mingyang Li and Jian Hui Lim and Yiwei Weng and Yi Wei Daniel Tay and Hung Pham and Quang-Cuong Pham},
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A 3D Printing Hexacopter: Design and Demonstration
This work develops a hexacopter testbed that can print via fused deposition modeling during flight and demonstrates the feasibility of this approach and lays the groundwork for printing 3D parts and structures with drones.
Printing-while-moving: a new paradigm for large-scale robotic 3D Printing
This work develops a system that implements the printing-while-moving paradigm, which enables printing single-piece structures of arbitrary sizes with a single robot, and demonstrates, for the first time, a printing- while-moving experiment, wherein a 210 cm × 45 cm × 10 cm concrete structure is printed by a robot arm that has a reach of 87 cm.
Koala 3D: A continuous climbing 3D printer
A 3-Dimensional Printing System Using an Industrial Robotic Arm
A robot-based 3D printing system that integrates a six-degree-of-freedom industrial robot into a fused deposition modeling process, which has great potential for rapid prototyping and printing in close contact with humans, especially in the field of interactive manufacturing, or human-robot collaboration.
Projector-Guided Non-Holonomic Mobile 3D Printing
This work proposed and developed a low-cost non-holonomic mobile 3D printing system guided by a projector via learning-based visual servoing that enables mobile robots to accurately follow pre-designed millimeter-level printing trajectories with speed control.
Large-scale 3D printing technology based on the visual stitching method
Purpose 3D printing for objects whose size exceeds the scope of the printer is still a tough challenge in application. The purpose of this paper is to propose a visual stitching large-scale (VSLS)
Using a Cable-Driven Parallel Robot with Applications in 3D Concrete Printing
The results show that this design of a Cable-Driven Parallel Robot is suitable for 3D printing in construction, with high precision and a stable trajectory printing.


3D printing trends in building and construction industry: a review
ABSTRACT Three-dimensional (3D) printing (also known as additive manufacturing) is an advanced manufacturing process that can produce complex shape geometries automatically from a 3D computer-aided
Processing and Properties of Construction Materials for 3D Printing
3D printing (3DP), commonly known as additive manufacturing (AM), is a promising technology that can fabricate three dimensional complex shape prototypes directly from computer-aided design (CAD)
Toward site-specific and self-sufficient robotic fabrication on architectural scales
The Digital Construction Platform is presented, an automated construction system capable of customized on-site fabrication of architectural-scale structures using real-time environmental data for process control and early exploratory steps toward self-sufficiency are discussed along with proposed future applications for autonomous construction.
Automated Construction Using Contour Crafting -- Applications on Earth and Beyond
Contour Crafting will most probably be one of the very few feasible approaches for building structures on other planets, such as Moon and Mars, which are being targeted for human colonization before the end of the new century.