Large reversible magnetocaloric effect in Tb(3)Co compound

  title={Large reversible magnetocaloric effect in Tb(3)Co compound},
  author={Bo Qiong Li and Junjie Du and Wenjie Ren and W. J. Hu and Qianling Zhang and Dazhi Li and Zongxin Zhang},
  • Bo Qiong Li, Junjie Du, +4 authors Zongxin Zhang
  • Published 2008
  • Physics, Chemistry
  • A large reversible magnetocaloric effect has been observed in Tb(3)Co compound. Under a magnetic field change of 5 T, the maximum value of magnetic entropy change Delta S(M) is -18 J kg(-1) K(-1) at 84 K and the relative cooling power is 738 J kg(-1) with no hysteresis loss. In particular, the large reversible Delta S(M)(max), -8.5 J kg(-1) K(-1), is achieved for a low magnetic field change of 2 T. The magnetic anisotropy and the texture of the material greatly affect Delta S(M). The large… CONTINUE READING

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