Large resistivity reduction in mixed-valent CsAuBr3 under pressure

  title={Large resistivity reduction in mixed-valent 
 under pressure},
  author={Pavel Naumov and Shangxiong Huangfu and Xianxin Wu and Andreas Schilling and Ronny Thomale and Claudia Felser and Sergey A. Medvedev and Harald O. Jeschke and Fabian O. von Rohr},
  journal={Physical Review B},
We report on high-pressure $p \leq 45$ GPa resistivity measurements on the perovskite-related mixed-valent compound CsAuBr$_3$. The compounds high-pressure resistivity can be classified into three regions: For low pressures ($p < 10$ GPa) an insulator to metal transition is observed; between $p= 10$ GPa and 14 GPa the room temperature resistivity goes through a minimum and increases again; above $p = 14$ GPa a semiconducting state is observed. From this pressure up to the highest pressure of $p… 

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