Large positive magnetoresistance in photocarrier doping potassium tantalites

  title={Large positive magnetoresistance in photocarrier doping potassium tantalites},
  author={Ruishu Yang and Di Wang and Yang Zhao and Shuanhu Wang and Kexin Jin},
  journal={Chinese Physics B},
We report on a high-field magnetotransport of KTaO3 single crystals, which are a promising candidate to study in the extreme quantum limit. By photocarrier doping with 360 nm light, we observe a significant positive, non-saturating, and linear magnetoresistance at low temperatures accompanied by a decreasing Hall coefficient. When cooling down to 10 K, the magnetoresistance value of KTaO3 (100) reaches ~ 433% at a magnetic field of 12 T. Such behavior can be attributed to all electrons… 

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