Large heterogeneities in comet 67P as revealed by active pits from sinkhole collapse

  title={Large heterogeneities in comet 67P as revealed by active pits from sinkhole collapse},
  author={J. Vincent and D. Bodewits and S. Besse and H. Sierks and C. Barbieri and P. Lamy and R. Rodrigo and D. Koschny and H. Rickman and H. Keller and J. Agarwal and M. A’Hearn and Anne-Th{\'e}r{\`e}se Auger and M. A. Barucci and J. Bertaux and I. Bertini and C. Capanna and G. Cremonese and V. Deppo and B. Davidsson and S. Debei and M. Cecco and M. El-Maarry and F. Ferri and S. Fornasier and M. Fulle and R. Gaskell and L. Giacomini and O. Groussin and A. Guilbert-Lepoutre and P. Gutierrez-Marques and P. Guti'errez and C. Guettler and N. Hoekzema and S. Hoefner and S. Hviid and W. Ip and L. Jorda and J. Knollenberg and G. Kov{\'a}cs and R. Kramm and E. K{\"u}hrt and M. Kueppers and F. L. Forgia and L. Lara and M. Lazzarin and Vicky Lee and C. Leyrat and Zhong-Yi Lin and J. Moreno and S. Lowry and S. Magrin and L. Maquet and S. Marchi and F. Marzari and M. Massironi and H. Michalik and R. Moissl and S. Mottola and G. Naletto and N. Oklay and M. Pajola and F. Preusker and F. Scholten and N. Thomas and I. T'oth and C. Tubiana},
  • J. Vincent, D. Bodewits, +64 authors C. Tubiana
  • Published 2015
  • Geology, Medicine
  • Nature
  • Pits have been observed on many cometary nuclei mapped by spacecraft. It has been argued that cometary pits are a signature of endogenic activity, rather than impact craters such as those on planetary and asteroid surfaces. Impact experiments and models cannot reproduce the shapes of most of the observed cometary pits, and the predicted collision rates imply that few of the pits are related to impacts. Alternative mechanisms like explosive activity have been suggested, but the driving process… CONTINUE READING
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