Large eddy simulations of reacting and non-reacting transcritical fuel sprays using multiphase thermodynamics

  title={Large eddy simulations of reacting and non-reacting transcritical fuel sprays using multiphase thermodynamics},
  author={Mohamad Fathi and S. Hickel and Dirk J.E.M. Roekaerts},
  journal={Physics of Fluids},
We present a novel framework for high-fidelity simulations of inert and reacting sprays at transcritical conditions with highly accurate and computationally efficient models for complex real-gas effects in high-pressure environments, especially for the hybrid subcritical/supercritical mode of evaporation during the mixing of fuel and oxidizer. The high-pressure jet disintegration is modeled using a diffuse interface method with multiphase thermodynamics, which combines multi-component real… 


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