Large-dose propofol alone in adult epileptic patients: electrocorticographic results.

  title={Large-dose propofol alone in adult epileptic patients: electrocorticographic results.},
  author={Mary Ann Cheng and Ren{\'e} Tempelhoff and Daniel L. Silbergeld and M A Th{\'e}ard and Skip Haines and John W. Miller},
  journal={Anesthesia and analgesia},
  volume={83 1},
The primary objective of this study was to evaluate the electrophysiologic effects of large-dose propofol, used as the sole anesthetic in patients with epilepsy. Nine patients with medically intractable complex partial epilepsy undergoing a three-stage approach to the surgical management of epilepsy were recruited. State I involved placement of the intracranial electrode array, while Stage II consisted of extraoperative localization of the seizure focus. The patients were studied during… CONTINUE READING

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