Large deletions in the genome of Chlorella virus CVK1.

  title={Large deletions in the genome of Chlorella virus CVK1.},
  author={Puttaporn Songsri and Takashi Hamazaki and Tomoko Ishikawa and Takashi Yamada},
  volume={214 2},
Large (30-45 kbp) deletions were induced in the Chlorella virus CVK1 genome by UV irradiation. Restriction endonuclease maps of the mutant genomes showed that these deletions occurred in a region located from 1.5 kbp to 47 kbp from the left DNA end. The nucleotide sequences determined around the deletion boundaries indicate that the deletion process took place by both homologous and nonhomologous recombinations. In one case, the recombination site was within a region of about 600 bp, consisting… CONTINUE READING


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