Large-area SiPMs for the CMS hadron outer calorimeter

  title={Large-area SiPMs for the CMS hadron outer calorimeter},
  author={Agnes Heering and John Rohlf and Jon W. Freeman and Sietse Los and Sergey Kuleshov and Soumik Banerjee and Ingrid Schmidt and Yuri Musienko and L. Lebolo and Judith D{\'i}az},
  journal={2007 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium Conference Record},
We report on the measurement of pulse shape, gain, leakage current, and photon detection efficiency in 4-9 mm2 state-of-the-art silicon photomultipliers (SiPMs) obtained recently from the Center of Perspective Technology and Apparatus (CPTA) in Russia, Center for Scientific and Technological Research (ITC-irst) in Italy, and Hamamatsu Corporation in Japan… CONTINUE READING