Large amplitude vortex gyration in permalloy/Bi2Se3-like heterostructures

  title={Large amplitude vortex gyration in permalloy/Bi2Se3-like heterostructures},
  author={P. N. Skirdkov and K. A. Zvezdin and A D Belanovsky and Jm. George and Ji Chang Wu and Vincent Cros and Anatolii K. Zvezdin},
  journal={Physical Review B},
We consider the excitation of large amplitude gyrotropic vortex core precession in a Permalloy nanodisk by the torques originating from the in-plane microwave current flowing along the interface of the Permalloy/Bi$_2$Se$_3$ heterostructures, in which the huge charge-to-spin conversion ratio is observed \cite{Mellnik-2014}. We consider analytically and by micromagnetic modelling the dependence of this excitation on the frequency and magnitude of the microwave current. The analogies of the… Expand
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