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Large Signal Performance of Tweeters, Micro Speakers and Horn Drivers

  title={Large Signal Performance of Tweeters, Micro Speakers and Horn Drivers},
  author={W. Klippel},
  journal={Journal of The Audio Engineering Society},
  • W. Klippel
  • Published 1 May 2005
  • Engineering
  • Journal of The Audio Engineering Society
Loudspeaker dedicated to high-frequency signals may also produce significant distortion in the acoustical output. The nonlinearities in motor and suspension can be modelled by equivalent circuits and dynamically measured by system identification technique based voltage and current monitoring. The identified model is the basis for numerical prediction of the large signal performance and reveals the effect of each nonlinearity. The paper uses this technique for the diagnosis of three different… Expand
Preventing damage to miniature-loudspeaker by means of dynamic detection of excessive diaphragm displacement.
Numerical and experimental results indicate that the proposed methodology for nonlinear parameter estimation using an inverse method and displacement limiter for large VC displacement-dependent transducer damage prevention has high efficiency and can be widely used in transducers applications. Expand
Magnetic Motor Nonlinearity Modifications for Total Harmonic Distortion Improvement of an Elliptical Miniature Loudspeaker
This study reports an effort to reduce total harmonic distortion (THD) for a miniature loudspeaker by magnetic motor modifications including under yoke, polar piece, and magnet. It leads to theExpand
Perception of Nonlinear Distortion in Music Signals Reproduced by Microspeakers
A lot of work has focused on compensating nonlinear distortions of the microspeaker under large excitation, yet it is unclear at which level the effect of nonlinear distortion is imperceptible or notExpand
Numerical and experimental analysis of harmonic distortion in a moving-coil loudspeaker
This article proposes an approach to reduce the total harmonic distortion (THD) by adjusting the initial position of its voice-coil using a novel algorithm called the parameter spline difference method (PSD). Expand
Effect of nonlinear stiffness on the total harmonic distortion and sound pressure level of a circular miniature loudspeaker-experiments and simulations
The consistence of the simulations with the measured THD has promised the feasibility of simulating THD by FEA for optimizing the design of track patterns for diaphragm. Expand
Total harmonic distortion improvement for elliptical miniature loudspeaker based on suspension stiffness nonlinearity
The reliability of simulation and its confirmation with the measurement has assured the possibility of simulating THD by FEA and analytical method for design optimization of track patterns. Expand
Stress Analysis on Moving Assemblies and Suspensions of Loudspeakers
The paper explains the basic results of numerical and experimental analysis of moving assemblies and suspensions of speakers taking into account the bending forces and the in plane forces that actsExpand


Distortion Analyzer-A New Tool for Assessing and Improving Electrodynamic Transducer
The dominant nonlinear distortions in loudspeakers, headphones and other actuators are predictable and are closely related with the general principle, particular design, materials and assemblingExpand
Measurement of Large-Signal Parameters of Electrodynamic Transducer
A new method is presented for the dynamic, nondestructive measurement of linear, nonlinear and thermal parameters and the instantaneous state information of woofer, headphones and otherExpand
Prediction of Speaker Performance at High Amplitudes
A new method is presented for the numerical simulation of the large signal performance of drivers and loudspeaker systems. The basis is an extended loudspeaker model considering the dominantExpand
Diagnosis and Remedy of Nonlinearities in Electrodynamical Transducers
Abstract Nonlinear and thermal mechanisms in woofers, headphones, shakers and other actuators produce signal distortion and limit the acoustic output at high amplitudes. Large-signal parameters basedExpand
Multitone testing of sound system components: Some results and conclusions, Part 1: History and theory
An historical retrospective analysis of the measurement of nonlinearities in audio is carried out. A quantitative analysis of the responses of various nonlinear systems (theoretical and experimental)Expand
Measurement and Application of Equivalent Input Distortion
A new technique for measuring nonlinear distortion in transducers is presented which considers a priori information from transducer modeling. Transducers are single-input, multiple-output (SIMO)Expand
Assessment of voice-coil peak displacement Xmax
The voice coil peak displacement Xmax is an important driver parameter for assessing the maximal acoustic output at low frequencies. The method defined in standard AES 2-1984 is based on a harmonicExpand
Nonlinear Modeling of the Heat Transfer in Loudspeakers
Traditional modeling describes the heat flow in loudspeakers by an equivalent circuit using integrators with different time constants. The parameters of the lumped elements are assumed to beExpand
Thermal Parameters and Power Ratings of Loudspeakers
The amount of electric power that can be applied to a loudspeaker can be determined from a few thermal parameters of the loudspeaker and the characteristics of the signal reproduced. A method ofExpand
Precision Measurement of Loudspeaker Parameters
A body of techniques for the accurate and repeatable measurement of loudspeaker drive-unit electromechanical parameters is presented. Pneumatic pressure is used to move the diaphragm in order forExpand