Large N phenomena and quantization of the Loday-Quillen-Tsygan theorem

  title={Large N phenomena and quantization of the Loday-Quillen-Tsygan theorem},
  author={Gr{\'e}gory Ginot and Owen Gwilliam and Alastair Hamilton and Mahmoud Zeinalian},
  journal={Advances in Mathematics},
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A homological approach to the Gaussian Unitary Ensemble

We study the Gaussian Unitary Ensemble (GUE) using noncommutative geometry and the homological framework of the Batalin-Vilkovisky (BV) formalism. Coefficients of the correlation functions in the GUE



Quantization of open-closed BCOV theory, I

This is the first in a series of papers which analyze the problem of quantizing the theory coupling Kodaira-Spencer gravity (or BCOV theory) on Calabi-Yau manifolds using the formalism for

Modular operads and Batalin-Vilkovisky geometry

This is a copy of the article published in IMRN (2007). I describe the noncommutative Batalin-Vilkovisky geometry associated naturally with arbitrary modular operad. The classical limit of this

Derived Representation Schemes and Noncommutative Geometry

Some 15 years ago M. Kontsevich and A. Rosenberg [KR] proposed a heuristic principle according to which the family of schemes ${Rep_n(A)}$ parametrizing the finite-dimensional represen- tations of a

The partition function of a topological field theory

This is the sequel to my paper ‘TCFTs and Calabi–Yau categories’, Advances in Mathematics 210 (2007) no. 1, 165–214. Here we extend the results of that paper to construct, for certain Calabi–Yau A∞

Topological conformal field theories and Calabi–Yau categories

Deformation Theory of Algebras and Their Diagrams

This book brings together both the classical and current aspects of deformation theory. The presentation is mostly self-contained, assuming only basic knowledge of commutative algebra, homological

Anomaly cancellation in the topological string

  • K. CostelloSi Li
  • Mathematics
    Advances in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics
  • 2020
We describe the coupling of holomorphic Chern-Simons theory at large N with Kodaira-Spencer gravity. We explain a new anomaly cancellation mechanism at all loops in perturbation theory for

How to derive Feynman diagrams for finite-dimensional integrals directly from the BV formalism

The Batalin-Vilkovisky formalism in quantum field theory was originally invented to avoid the difficult problem of finding diagrammatic descriptions of oscillating integrals with degenerate critical

On maximally supersymmetric Yang–Mills theories