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Large Magnetoresistance and Weak Antilocalization in V1-delta Sb2 Single Crystal

  title={Large Magnetoresistance and Weak Antilocalization in V1-delta Sb2 Single Crystal},
  author={Yong Zhang and Xinliang Huang and Wenshuai Gao and Xiangde Zhu and Li Pi},
  • Yong Zhang, Xinliang Huang, +2 authors L. Pi
  • Published 16 September 2021
  • Physics
The binary pnictide semimetals have attracted considerable attention due to their fantastic physical properties that include topological effects, negative magnetoresistance, Weyl fermions and large non-saturation magnetoresistance. In this paper, we have successfully grown the high-quality V1-Sb2 single crystals by Sb flux method and investigated their electronic transport properties. A large positive magnetoresistance that reaches 477% under a magnetic field of 12 T at T = 1.8 K was observed… Expand

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