Large Linear Magnetoresistance and Shubnikov-de Hass Oscillations in Single Crystals of YPdBi Heusler Topological Insulators

  title={Large Linear Magnetoresistance and Shubnikov-de Hass Oscillations in Single Crystals of YPdBi Heusler Topological Insulators},
  author={Wenhong Wang and Yin Du and Guizhou Xu and Xiaoming Zhang and Enke Liu and Zhongyuan Liu and Youguo Shi and Jinglan Chen and Guangheng Wu and Xi-Xiang Zhang},
  journal={Scientific Reports},
We report the observation of a large linear magnetoresistance (MR) and Shubnikov-de Hass (SdH) quantum oscillations in single crystals of YPdBi Heusler topological insulators. Owning to the successfully obtained the high-quality YPdBi single crystals, large non-saturating linear MR of as high as 350% at 5K and over 120% at 300 K under a moderate magnetic field of 7 T is observed. In addition to the large, field-linear MR, the samples exhibit pronounced SdH quantum oscillations at low… 

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