Large Feedback Arc Sets, High Minimum Degree Subgraphs, and Long Cycles in Eulerian Digraphs

  title={Large Feedback Arc Sets, High Minimum Degree Subgraphs, and Long Cycles in Eulerian Digraphs},
  author={Hao-wei Huang and Jie Ma and Asaf Shapira and Benny Sudakov and Raphael Yuster},
  journal={Combinatorics, Probability and Computing},
  pages={859 - 873}
A minimum feedback arc set of a directed graph G is a smallest set of arcs whose removal makes G acyclic. Its cardinality is denoted by β(G). We show that a simple Eulerian digraph with n vertices and m arcs has β(G) ≥ m2/2n2+m/2n, and this bound is optimal for infinitely many m, n. Using this result we prove that a simple Eulerian digraph contains a cycle of length at most 6n2/m, and has an Eulerian subgraph with minimum degree at least m2/24n3. Both estimates are tight up to a constant factor… 

Long directed paths in Eulerian digraphs

An old conjecture of Bollobás and Scott asserts that every Eulerian directed graph with average degree d contains a directed cycle of length at least Ω(d). The best known lower bound for this problem

Exact Localisations of Feedback Sets

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  • Mathematics
    Theory of Computing Systems
  • 2017
The notion of the essential minor and isolated cycles, which yield a priori problem size reductions and in the special case of so called resolvable graphs an exact solution in 𝓞(|V||E|3)$\mathcal {O}(| V||E |^{3})$ is introduced and weighted versions of the FASP and FVSP possess a Bellman decomposition.

Note on Long Paths in Eulerian Digraphs

This short note shows how to use methods from [Knierim, Larcher, Martinsson, Noever, JCTB 148:125--148] to find paths of length d/(\log d+1) in Eulerian digraphs with average degree d, improving the recent result of $\Omega(d^{1/2+1/40})$.

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This paper points out a close relationship between MINREC and the minimum feedback arc set (MINFAS) problem on Eulerian directed graphs, and proves that both problems are NP-hard.

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This work considers a generalisation of Kelly's conjecture, which is due Alspach, Mason, and Pullman from 1976, and proves many of the cases of the conjecture.

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It is proved that every directed graph whose shortest directed cycle has length at least r ≥ 4 satisfies β(G) ≤ cγ(G)/r2, where c is an absolute constant.

Cycles in dense digraphs

It is proved that in general β(G) ≤ γ(G), and that in two special cases: when V (G) is the union of two cliques when the vertices of G can be arranged in a circle such that if distinct u, v, w are in clockwise order and uw is a (directed) edge, then so are both uv, vw.

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Ranking Tournaments

  • N. Alon
  • Mathematics
    SIAM J. Discret. Math.
  • 2006
It is shown that the feedback arc set problem for tournaments is NP-hard under randomized reductions, which settles a conjecture of Bang-Jensen and Thomassen.

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It is proved that the minimum feedback arc set problem is NP-hard for tournaments.

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This paper describes a circuit transformation calledretiming in which registers are added at some points in a circuit and removed from others in such a way that the functional behavior of the circuit

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