Large Eddy Simulation of Fully-Developed Turbulent Flow Through Submerged Vegetation

  title={Large Eddy Simulation of Fully-Developed Turbulent Flow Through Submerged Vegetation},
  author={Thorsten Stoesser and Chunlei Liang and Wolfgang Rodi and G. H. Jirka},
Large Eddy Simulations (LES) are performed for an open channel flow through submerged vegetation with a water depth (h) to plant height (hp) ratio of h/hp=1.5 according to the experimental configuration of Fairbanks and Diplas (1998). Fairbanks and Diplas measured longitudinal and vertical velocities as well as turbulence intensities along several verticals in the flow and the data are used for the validation of the simulations. The code MGLET is used to solve the filtered Navier Stokes… CONTINUE READING
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