Large Diameter Germanium Single Crystals For IR Optics

  title={Large Diameter Germanium Single Crystals For IR Optics},
  author={G. Gafni and M. Azoulay and C. Shiloh and Y. Noter and A. Saya and H. Galron and M. Roth},
  booktitle={Optics \& Photonics},
Large single crystals, up to 8" diameter, of high quality Optical Germanium, have been grown by the Czochralski technique. Post-growth thermal treatment improves the optical homogeneity and reduces optical losses, as shown by refractive index gradients and MTF measurements. A new approach for the piecewise combination of interferograms as well as a polychromatic treatment of MTF, are presented. 
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Crystal-melt interface shape of Czochralski-grown large diameter germanium crystals
Crystal-melt interface shapes of 100 to 200 mm diameter Ge grown by the Czochralski technique have been examined using the method of fast withdrawal from the melt. Initially, the interface shape isExpand


Applied Optics.