Large Compressive Plasticity in a La-Based Glass-Crystal Composite

  title={Large Compressive Plasticity in a La-Based Glass-Crystal Composite},
  author={Shantanu V. Madge and Dmitri V. Louzguine-Luzgin and Akihisa Inoue and A L Greer},
La55Al25Cu10Ni10 metallic glass has been reinforced with 325-mesh Ta particles to obtain ex situ glass-crystal composites. The composites show a high compressive plasticity (40%) with a minor reduction (~8%) in yield strength—a combination unprecedented for La-based systems and even surpassing some Zr-based glassy composites that utilize a tougher matrix. However, it is also found that the plastic strain is apparently sensitive to defects, like oxides, in the glassy matrix. 

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