Large Charged Drop Levitation Against Gravity

  title={Large Charged Drop Levitation Against Gravity},
  author={W. K. Rhim and Sang K. Chung and Michael T. Hyson and Eugene H. Trinh and Daniel D. Elleman},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications},
A hybrid electrostatic-acoustic levitator that can levitate and manipulate a large liquid drop in one gravity is presented. To the authors' knowledge, this is the first time such large drops (up to 4 mm in diameter in the case of water) have been levitated against 1-gravity. This makes possible, for the first time, many new experiments both in space and in ground-based laboratories, such as 1) supercooling and superheating, 2) containerless crystal growth from various salt solutions or melts, 3… CONTINUE READING


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