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Large $N$ phenomena and quantization of the Loday-Quillen-Tsygan theorem

  title={Large \$N\$ phenomena and quantization of the Loday-Quillen-Tsygan theorem},
  author={Gr{\'e}gory Ginot and Owen Gwilliam and Alastair Hamilton and Mahmoud Zeinalian},
We offer a new approach to large N limits using the Batalin-Vilkovisky formalism, both commutative and noncommutative, and we exhibit how the Loday-Quillen-Tsygan Theorem admits BV quantizations in that setting. Matrix integrals offer a key example: we demonstrate how this formalism leads to a recurrence relation that in principle allows us to compute all multi-point correlation functions. We also explain how the Harer-Zagier relations may be expressed in terms of this noncommutative geometry… 
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