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Lapsen ruokavalio ennen kouluikää

  title={Lapsen ruokavalio ennen kouluik{\"a}{\"a}},
  author={Pipsa Kytt{\"a}l{\"a} and Marja-Leena Ovaskainen and Carina Kronberg-Kippil{\"a} and Maijaliisa Erkkola and Heli Tapanainen and Jetta Tuokkola and Riitta Veijola and Olli Simell and Mikael Knip and Suvi M. Virtanen},
The Diet of Finnish Preschoolers Study offers current and updated information on the nutrition of 0to 6-year-old Finnish children. The report is based on data from the children who participated in the Type 1 Diabetes Prediction and Prevention (DIPP) Nutrition Study. Information on food consumption and food supplement usage was collected from children living in the regions of Tampere and Northern Ostrobothnia. The children’s nutrient intakes were calculated based on the information gained. The… Expand
Carbohydrate intake in children - associations with dietary intakes, growth, serum lipids,and dental health. The STRIP Project
The results of the present study indicate that a high fibre intake does not displace energy or disturb growth in children and that children with high fibre Intake have better quality of diet than those with low fibre intake. Expand
Were do they get their protein from? : Dietary nutrient intake of children in Helsinki day-care centres eating either vegan or omnivore meals
It seems the vegan meals have many positive characteristics compared to the omnivore meals, and a more plant-based diet would be a sustainable choice for the future, but supplementation is recommended to guarantee sufficient intakes of critical nutrients. Expand
Scientific Opinion on nutrient requirements and dietary intakes of infants and young children in the European Union
No unique role of young-child formulae with respect to the provision of critical nutrients in the diet of infants and young children living in Europe can be identified, so that they cannot be considered as a necessity to satisfy the nutritional requirements of young children when compared with other foods that may be included in the normal diet of youngChildren. Expand
Ruokajärjestelmän kansanterveydellisten vaikutusten kustannukset ja riskinarviointi
The project Costs and Risk Assessment of the Health Effects of the Food System employed biological, chemical and nutritional examples to investigate the health and economic risks of food andExpand
Nordic dietary surveys. Study designs, methods, results and use in food-based risk assessments
National dietary surveys have been completed in all five Nordic countries for purposes of nutritional assessment. The NORDIRA project started in 2009 with objectives of sharing experiences withinExpand
A study to promote breast feeding in the Helsinki Metropolitan area in Finland.
The low exclusive breast feeding rates of newborns could be increased by using intensified breast feeding support, which should be available in a variety of forms, so that mothers can choose the type of support they need. Expand
Maternal vitamin D status affects bone growth in early childhood—a prospective cohort study
Postnatal vitamin D supplementation improved vitamin D Status but only partly eliminated the differences in bone variables induced by maternal vitamin D status during the fetal period, suggesting further attention should be paid to improving vitamin Dstatus during pregnancy. Expand
Primiparous and multiparous mothers' perceptions of social support from nursing professionals in postnatal wards.
OBJECTIVE the study aimed at evaluating primiparous or multiparous mothers' perceptions of social support from nursing professionals (SSNP) in postnatal wards and factors associated with SSNP. Expand
Change in prevalence of overweight and obesity in Finnish children – comparison between 1974 and 2001
To analyse the possible changes in the prevalence of overweight and obesity comparing birth cohorts from four different decades in Finland, a large number of patients from these cohorts have been obese in the past decade. Expand
This book aims to provide a history of breastfeeding in Finland and its role in the care and practice of women's health up to and including the 1970s. Expand