Laplace Eigenfunctions and Damped Wave Equation on Product Manifolds

  title={Laplace Eigenfunctions and Damped Wave Equation on Product Manifolds},
  author={Nicolas Burq and Claude Zuily},
  journal={Applied Mathematics Research Express},
  • N. Burq, C. Zuily
  • Published 18 March 2015
  • Mathematics
  • Applied Mathematics Research Express
- The purpose of this article is to study possible concentrations of eigenfunc-tions of Laplace operators (or more generally quasi-modes) on product manifolds. We show that the approach of the first author and Zworski [10, 11] applies (modulo rescalling) and deduce new stabilization results for weakly damped wave equations which extend to product manifolds previous results by Leautaud-Lerner [12] obtained for products of tori. 
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