Laplace's Succession to Bézout's Post of Examinateur des Elèves de l'Artillerie

  title={Laplace's Succession to B{\'e}zout's Post of Examinateur des El{\`e}ves de l'Artillerie},
  author={Denis I. Duveen and Roger Hahn},
  pages={416 - 427}
THE present study is the outcome of interest and research arising from the discovery of a letter from Pierre Simon Laplace (I749-I827) to Antoine Laurent Lavoisier (I743-I794), in which the former describes the steps he has taken to be appointed to two scientific government posts left vacant by the death of Etienne Bezout (I730-I783). A number of letters and documents recently found in various Paris archives throws further light on Laplace's candidature for these positions. An analysis of the… 
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