Laparoscopy versus laparotomy management of tubal pregnancy.

  title={Laparoscopy versus laparotomy management of tubal pregnancy.},
  author={Ahmed Mohamed Saleh and Mohamed Raouf Mahjoub and A M El-Kurdy},
  journal={Saudi medical journal},
  volume={22 9},
OBJECTIVE To compare laparoscopy versus laparotomy management of tubal pregnancy and the reproductive outcome. METHODS A retrospective chart review of 81 patients admitted for management of tubal pregnancy was carried out at Riyadh Armed Forces Hospital from January 1998 until January 2000. The patients were divided according to surgical procedure performed into: Group I (33 patients) laparoscopy and group II (48 patients) laparotomy. We evaluated pre and postoperative serum b-human chorionic… CONTINUE READING