[Laparoscopic treatment of complicated colonic diverticulosis].


Despite certain controversies over applying a laparoscopic approach to neoplastic pathologies of the colorectum, it seems to be an ideal form of treatment for benign lesions. The Authors have analysed the results of videolaparoscopic treatment in 23 cases of complicated diverticular disease of the colon using their experience of 205 mininvasive colonic operations. Age, sex, diagnosis, time morbidity and type of intervention such as intra and postoperative, length of hospital stay and the parameters that characterise it (length of nasogastric probe, canalisation and restoration of feeding) were the variables considered in both absolute and comparative methods among the various stages of the disease. The aim was to find the best possible treatment. Out of the 23 patients in the study group, immediate recanalisation was impossible in only one case and all interventions were performed according to the predicted video-assisted technique. A partial ureteral lesion was the only single intraoperatory complication found and was intraoperatively repaired by means of transureteral endoscopy. In three cases non specific complication were encountered. The average length of the intervention was 180 minutes, nasogastric tube was taken 3 days, patients passed and start to feed at the 3rd and 4th postoperative day. These data overlap in the various stages of the disease. An adequate preoperatory study and good experience in major laparoscopic interventions resulted in the common difficulties that surgeons might encounter in this pathology to be overcome. We can therefore conclude that based on our results as well as those found in the literature, diverticular disease can ideally be treated with mininvasive surgery.

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