Laparoscopic transabdominal extraperitoneal repair of lumbar hernia

  title={Laparoscopic transabdominal extraperitoneal repair of lumbar hernia},
  author={Anil S. Sharma and Rashmi Panse and Rajesh Khullar and Vandana Soni and Manish Baijal and Pradeep K. Chowbey},
  booktitle={Journal of minimal access surgery},
Lumbar hernias need to be repaired due to the risk of incarceration and strangulation. A laparoscopic intraperitoneal approach in the modified flank position causes the intraperitoneal viscera to be displaced medially away from the hernia. The creation of a wide peritoneal flap around the hernial defect helps in mobilization of the colon, increased length… CONTINUE READING