[Laparoscopic resection of the transplanted kidney for renal cell carcinoma T1N0M0].


Laparoscopic resection of the transplanted kidney has been very rarely reported in the literature. On the one hand, this is due to the extremely low incidence of tumors of renal transplants. On the other hand, these patients are usually managed by open surgery due to difficulties in laparoscopic resection because of the scar tissue in the kidney area. Other options, though rarely performed, are cryosurgery and radiofrequency ablation of the tumor. In this article we report our own experience with a patient who underwent laparoscopic resection of renal transplant for renal cell carcinoma T1aN0M0 19 years after kidney transplantation. The tumor sized 27 cm was found incidentally by routine ultrasound. The operative time was 115 minutes, the renal ischemia time - 28 min. No intra- and postoperative complications were observed. Histological examination revealed renal cell carcinoma, surgical margins were negative. The patient was discharged on the 7th day after the surgery, no graft dysfunction was observed.

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