Laparoscopic resection of presacral teratomas.

  title={Laparoscopic resection of presacral teratomas.},
  author={Yong Chen and Huicheng Xu and Yuyan Li and Junnan Li and Dan Wang and Jizhao Yuan and Zhiqing Liang},
  journal={Journal of minimally invasive gynecology},
  volume={15 5},
Presacral and retrorectal space tumors are relatively rare lesions, the location of which can result in the onset of symptoms that are not well-defined. Retrorectal teratomas are resected to alleviate these symptoms and to rule out malignancy. Complete resection by one of the open abdominal or sacral approaches was traditionally advocated as the best treatment for either a benign or malignant presacral and retrorectal tumor. A 15-year-old girl had chronic, progressively worsening dull pelvic… CONTINUE READING