Laparoscopic repair of suprapubic hernias: transabdominal partial extraperitoneal (TAPE) technique

  title={Laparoscopic repair of suprapubic hernias: transabdominal partial extraperitoneal (TAPE) technique},
  author={Anil S. Sharma and Ashish Dey and Rajesh Khullar and Vandana Soni and Manish Baijal and Pradeep K. Chowbey},
  journal={Surgical Endoscopy},
Suprapubic hernias are considered difficult to repair laparoscopically due to deficient posterior rectus sheath and proximity to important neurovascular structures and the urinary bladder. We retrospectively reviewed 72 patients (18 males, 54 females) who, between 1998 and 2008, had undergone laparoscopic repair for suprapubic hernial defects located less than 5 cm from the pubic arch. Five patients (6.9%) had recurrent hernias. A peritoneal flap was dissected distally to facilitate a mesh… CONTINUE READING
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