Laparoscopic gastroplasty (adjustable silicone gastric banding).

  title={Laparoscopic gastroplasty (adjustable silicone gastric banding).},
  author={Guy-Bernard Cadiere and Jacques M. Himpens and M. Vertruyen and Olivier Germay and Franco Favretti and Giovanni Segato},
  journal={Seminars in laparoscopic surgery},
  volume={7 1},
Until now, for treatment of morbid obesity in the long term, surgery remained as the final option. For 40 years, surgeons looked at the best procedure. Among the restrictive procedures (gastroplasty), the laparoscopic adjustable silicone banding is the least invasive surgical treatment of morbid obesity. Between October 1992 and January 1998, we performed this procedure on 652 patients. Median body mass index was 45 (range, 35-65). Median hospital stay was 3 days (range, 2-10 days). The mean… CONTINUE READING

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