Laparoscopic excision of a cystic lymphangioma.


A 16-year-old female was evaluated for recurrent episodes of acute abdominal pain and distension. Initial abdominal radiographs were consistent with recurrent gastric volvulus. Following nasogastric tube decompression, reexamination revealed a mobile abdominal mass in the left upper quadrant. Contrast studies followed by computed tomography demonstrated a cyst measuring 9 X 7 X 6 cm with no obvious relationship to abdominal viscera. Laparoscopy was performed with a 10-mm port at the umbilicus and right upper quadrant,and a 5-mm port in the left lower quadrant. The cyst was excised from the mesentery of the proximal jejunum and placed in a laparoscopic sac. Controlled incision and drainage of the cyst within the sac facilitated its removal from the abdomen with neither enlargement of the trocar site nor intraabdominal spillage. To prevent recurrent gastric volvulus, a gastropexy was performed from the greater and lesser curvatures to the anterior abdominal wall. The histology was typical of a cystic lymphangioma. The patient was discharged on the third postoperative day without complication. Laparoscopic technique allowed the performance of both procedures without large incisions, This is the first reported laparoscopic excision of a cystic lymphangioma.


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