Laparoscopic diagnosis and treatment of Morgagni hernia.


The application of new minimally invasive techniques in the diagnosis and treatment of surgically correctable diseases continues to produce impressive results. Herniae of the Foramen of Morgagni are unusual abdominal wall defects which have historically been difficult to diagnose. Interestingly, laparoscopy was utilized for the diagnosis and repair of three such herniae during a 5-month period. All of these repairs were performed by one primary author in conjunction with co-authors. In this report we will review this rare hernia and report our technique of repair. We believe that an aggressive approach to diagnostic laparoscopy may produce cost-effective solutions to old and new intraabdominal problems.


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@article{Newman1995LaparoscopicDA, title={Laparoscopic diagnosis and treatment of Morgagni hernia.}, author={L Killian Newman and Steve Eubanks and W M Bridges and G. W. Lucas}, journal={Surgical laparoscopy & endoscopy}, year={1995}, volume={5 1}, pages={27-31} }