Laparoscopic abdominal cysts fenestration using harmonic scalpel.


The use of ultrasonically activated scalpel for tissue cutting and coagulation is a potential replacement for electrosurgery, which can be related to different complications. Its working principle is to transform the electric power into the mechanical longitudinal movement of the working part of the instrument, by a piezoelectric transducer situated in the hand piece. Between October 2000 and June 2004, six patients with abdominal cysts were treated by laparoscopy, using the harmonic scalpel. The average age was 40.8 (ranging from 15-60) years. Laparoscopic abdominal cyst fenestration was performed in five patients, and laparoscopic cholecystectomy and abdominal cyst fenestration were done in one patient during the same operation. The average duration of the operation was 40 (ranging from 25-70) minutes and hospital stay was 2.8 (ranging from 1-5) days. Laparoscopic abdominal cyst fenestration using the harmonic scalpel is a safe and successful operation, with good results including all the advantages of the minimally invasive surgery.

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