Laparoscopic Detorsion and Cecopexy for Treatment of Cecal Volvulus

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Minimally Invasive Acute Care Surgery
Minimally invasive acute care surgery
Is Loop Ileostomy in Patients with Cecal Bascule a Viable Option?
A high index of suspicion is warranted in all cases of large bowel obstruction to minimize risk of recurrence, morbidity, and mortality for patients afflicted by cecal bascule. Expand
Cecopexy, a Reemerging Treatment for Cecal Volvulus: Case Report and Systematic Review
  • 2017
Background: Cecal volvulus accounts for 25% to 40% of volvulus of the large bowel causing obstruction with varying degrees of presentation from obstructive symptoms to bowel necrosis and perforation.Expand
Ein seltener Fall eines Volvulus des Coecums nach Koloskopie bei Coecum mobile – Darstellung von Diagnostik, operativer Therapie und postoperativen Komplikationen
Die spezifischen Befunde der koloskopischen Untersuchung, die klinische, bildgebende and laborchemische Diagnostik sowie the operative Therapie dieser seltenen Krankheitsentitat werden dargestellt and diskutiert. Expand
Single-site laparoscopic right hemicolectomy for acute cecal volvulus: a case report
Application of single-site laparoscopic colectomy to acute cecal volvulus is feasible using decompression of the dilated colon by inserting a catheter through the amputated appendix. Expand
Cecal bascule: an unusual pathology of cecal dilation. Case report and brief review
A 64-year-old male with a past medical history of emphysema, rheumatoid arthritis, and alcohol abuse who was admitted with a diffuse rash and was noted to have worsening abdominal distention is presented. Expand


Laparoscopic cecopexy for mobile cecum syndrome manifesting as cecal volvulus: Report of a case
Perioperative examination revealed a mobile cecum caused by an elongated ascending colon, which can be detected easily during laparoscopic surgery, which is minimally invasive and cosmetically, physically, and economically beneficial. Expand
Cecal volvulus: a lesion requiring resection.
A distinction is made between cecal volvulus which is more common in women, rotates in a clockwise direction, and is best treated by primary right colectomy, and sigmoid volVulus, moreCommon in men, rotating in a counter-clockwisedirection, and often treated by intubation through the sigmoidsoscope. Expand