Laos in 2012: In the Name of Democracy

  title={Laos in 2012: In the Name of Democracy},
  author={Holly High},
  journal={Southeast Asian Affairs},
  pages={135 - 150}
  • Holly High
  • Published 12 July 2013
  • Political Science
  • Southeast Asian Affairs
Structural Injustice, Slow Violence? The Political Ecology of a “Best Practice” Hydropower Dam in Lao PDR
ABSTRACT Large areas of the rural Lao landscape are being rapidly transformed by infrastructure development projects. Arguably, it is hydraulic development that is contributing most significantly to
Abolishing Illiteracy and Upgrading Culture: Adult Education and Revolutionary Hegemony in Socialist Laos
ABSTRACT This article examines the monopolisation of political space by the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party, before and after 1975. Together with coercive measures, the Marxist-Leninist regime
The framing and governance of climate change adaptation projects in Lao PDR and Cambodia
This study explores the way climate change adaptation projects in Cambodia and Lao PDR have been framed. Four frames were identified: inadequate infrastructure; information deficits; limited planning
Legitimation of the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party: Socialism, Chintanakan Mai (New Thinking) and Reform
ABSTRACT To date, scholars of authoritarianism have paid much attention to the use of democratic institutions in dictatorships to mitigate threats from both internal and external ruling elites, to
Laos in 2013: International Controversies, Economic Concerns and the Post-Socialist Rhetoric of Rule
  • S. Creak
  • Political Science
    Southeast Asian Affairs
  • 2014
In 2013, after several years of basking in the glow of strong economic growth and prominent international events, the ruling Lao People’s Revolutionary Party (LPRP) faced an International Monetary


Laos: Crisis and Resource Contestation
Laos in 2009 must be understood in terms of the broader context of ongoing crises that affected not only Laos, but also the region and indeed the globe. These include, primarily, the global financial
Laos: A More Mature and Robust State?
The year 2011 was a highly eventful and successful one for Laos’ economy, politics, and foreign relations. Nonetheless, some significant challenges remained, including continued poverty, the negative
Lacan and the political
The work of Jacques Lacan is second only to Freud in its impact on psychoanalysis. Yannis Stavrakakis clearly examines Lacan's challenging views on time, history, language, alterity, desire and
Laos National Assembly to quicken response to public concerns
  • Vientiane Times,
  • 2012
National Assembly gets tough
  • Vientiane Times,
  • 2012
Distressing Developments in Laos”, 23 December 2012 < laos/>
  • 2012
Clinton urges free markets with democracy in Asia
  • Huffington Post,
  • 2012
Laos and the Internet
  • < laos-and-the-internet/>,
  • 2012