Languages, Levels, Libraries, and Longevity

  title={Languages, Levels, Libraries, and Longevity},
  author={John R. Mashey},
  pages={32 - 38}
  • J. Mashey
  • Published 1 December 2004
  • Computer Science
  • Queue
In 50 years, we’ve already seen numerous programming systems come and (mostly) go, although some have remained a long time and will probably do so for: decades? centuries? millennia? The questions about language designs, levels of abstraction, libraries, and resulting longevity are numerous. Why do new languages arise? Why is it sometimes easier to write new software than to adapt old software that works? How many different levels of languages make sense? Why do some languages last in the face… 
Now You C it, Now You Don’t
Jekyll is a high level language that is losslessly inter-translatable with readable, editable C, and means that if Jekyll ever ceases to be maintained, developers still have a usable C code-base.
Popularity, Interoperability, and Impact of Programming Languages in 100,000 Open Source Projects
This study investigates a hundred thousands of open source software projects from GitHub to answer various research questions on the "popularity", "interoperability" and "impact" of various languages measured in different ways.
Dr Jekyll and Mr C Robert Ennals Intel Research
Jekyll is a high level programming language that can be translated losslessly to and from human readable, human editable C. This makes it possible to maintain Jekyll and C versions of the same file,
Dr Jekyll and Mr C
Jekyll is a high level programming language that can be translated losslessly to and from human readable, human editable C. This makes it possible to maintain Jekyll and C versions of the same file,
Multi-language Synchronization
A translator is implemented that can synchronize files written in a high level functional programming language, Jekyll, with files Written in C, a legacy language that has many of the features found in modern programming languages.
Dynamic Language Bindings for C Libraries with emphasis on their application to R
A middleware architecture for scripting languages is discussed that provides for seamless dynamic scripting access to the C API of native libraries without the need for compilation of wrapper modules.
Orion: A Software Project Search Engine with Integrated Diverse Software Artifacts
An integrated search engine architecture that combines information from different types of software repositories from multiple sources is developed, with an initial capability of over 100, 000 projects collected from the web, featuring various software development artifacts.
The Long Road to 64 Bits
To calibrate “tomorrow’s legacy today,” the authors should study "tomorrow's legacy yesterday," which has unanticipated side effects that last decades and can be difficult to undo.


Programming languages - history and fundamentals
  • J. Sammet
  • Psychology
    Prentice-Hall series in automatic computation
  • 1969
We may not be able to make you love reading, but programming languages history and fundamentals will lead you to love reading starting from now. Book is the window to open the new world. The world
History of programming languages---II
This book is the culmination of work on a 1993 conference (HOPL-II) whose development started in 1990 and was a follow-on to the first HOPL, held 15 years earlier (1978), and is a classic in the history of programming literature.
An introduction to the Programmer's Workbench
This paper gives an overview of the Programmer's Workbench and its development; further details appear in the five following companion papers.
Using a command language as a high-level programming language
The command language for the Programmer's Workbench (PWB) utilizes an extended version of the standard UNIX shell program, plus commands designed mainly for use within shell procedures (command
Review of "Programming Languages: History and Fundamentals, by (Miss) Jean E. Sammet." Prentice-Hall, Inc. (1969)
The introduction of DATA BASE as a new quarterly journa l of SIGBDP to replace the former Newsletter provided a n opportunity to reconsider the style, format, and functio n of a "Book Reviews" column
A Deepness in the Sky
This is science fiction on the grandest of scales - a cast of thousands set across hundreds of years and in the farthest reaches of Human Space. A prequel to his earlier novel A Fire Upon the Deep,
Automated Repair Service Bureau: Cable repair administrative system
An analysis of the unusual features of CRAS, and comments on its development under rapidly changing circumstances are included.
Cable Repair Administrative System
  • Bell System Technical Journal
  • 1982
Mass-produced Software Components
  • Germany: NATO Report
  • 1969