Language in the Trump Era

  title={Language in the Trump Era},
  • Published 31 August 2020
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Radical-right populism in Spain and the strategy of chronopolitics
Given ongoing debates in Spain over how to reckon with its recent past, time operates as a potent site for doing politics in the Peninsula. In this article, I develop the concept of
‘Because it's easier to kill that way’: Dehumanizing epithets, militarized subjectivity, and American necropolitics
Abstract This article examines the blunt conceptual instrument of dehumanizing American military terms for the enemy in the context of the Vietnam War and the Global War on Terror. I examine language
“Nasty Question” and “Fake News”: Metadiscourse as a Resource for Denying Accusations of Racism in Donald Trump’s Presidential Press Events
Abstract This paper analyzes how Trump uses metadiscourse as a strategy for denying accusations of racism. We conduct a discourse analysis of press event interactions where Trump denies journalists’
Shameless normalisation of impoliteness: Berlusconi’s and Trump’s press conferences
This paper applies the notions of impoliteness and shameless normalisation to potentially impolite behaviours produced by Donald Trump and Silvio Berlusconi in official press conferences. Press


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The Oxford Handbook of Language and Race
  • Sociology
  • 2020
This handbook is the first volume to offer a sustained theoretical exploration of all aspects of language and race from a linguistic anthropological perspective. A growing number of scholars hold
After we #VoteLeave we can #TakeControl
An Analytical Study of the Strategies Used in Translating Trump’s Tweets into Arabic
  • Mohammed Juma Zagood
  • Computer Science
    Arab World English Journal For Translation and Literary Studies
  • 2019
The translation strategies adopted by the Arab online news agencies on their web pages in translating some tweets posted by the American President, Donald Trump in his first month of presidency are investigated.
Authentic Presence
  • R. Ríos
  • Philosophy
    Mindful Practice for Social Justice
  • 2019
Interactive Gestures
  • J. Varma
  • SwiftUI for Absolute Beginners
  • 2019
This collection examines the ethics of the intersection between families and social care as well as healthcare. The authors begin from the assumption that relationships of intimacy give rise to
Pragmatics and the social life of the English definite article
Abstract:Eckert (2008) rightly points out that context, variation, and indexicality are inextricably bound. This work—an in-depth case study of the social significance of the English definite