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Language and the Mind Sciences The First Four Generations

  title={Language and the Mind Sciences The First Four Generations},
  author={John A. Goldsmith and Bernardo Laks},


The Behavioristic Interpretation of Consciousness I
the notions of time or space, of gravitational attraction, and the like, they are thought of in bodily movements or postures. Translation into other terms is precluded in the system and in particularExpand
Morphologische Untersuchungen auf dem Gebiete der indogermanischen Sprachen
Vorwort 1. Die Sippe leicht 2. Zu primaren Komparativ- und Superlativbildung 3. Etymologisches zur Steigerungsformenbildung 4. Morphologische Miszellen 5. Register zu band VI.
Genidentity and Topology of Time: Kurt Lewin and Hans Reichenbach
In the early 1920s, Hans Reichenbach and Kurt Lewin presented two topological accounts of time that appear to be interrelated in more than one respect. Despite their different approaches, theirExpand
Scientific Philosophy from Helmholtz to Carnap and Quine
The concept of a “scientific philosophy” first developed in the mid nineteenth century, as a reaction against what was viewed as the excessively speculative and metaphysical character of post-Kantian German idealism, and was enthusiastically embraced within the emerging “back to Kant!” movement. Expand
Freedom, Anarchy and Conformism in Academic Research
In this paper I attempt to make a case for promoting the courage of rebels within the citadels of orthodoxy in academic research environments. Wicksell in Macroeconomics, Brouwer in the FoundationsExpand
Karl Bühler : du contexte à la situation, la signification
Dans mon travail de these, je me suis attachee a analyser la facon dont, dans son ouvrage principal Sprachtheorie, die Darstelllungsfunktion der Sprache, Karl Buhler inserait les deux ordres deExpand