Language and other abstract objects

  title={Language and other abstract objects},
  author={Jerrold J. Katz},
  • J. Katz
  • Published 1980
  • Psychology, Computer Science
The ontology of words: a structural approach
A structuralist account of linguistic items is proffer, along the lines of structuralism in the philosophy of mathematics, in which words are defined in part as positions in larger linguistic structures. Expand
Redefining ( Katz ’ s ) natural languages 1
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Grammaticality, response-dependence and the ontology of linguistic objects
The problem of explaining the knowledge possessed by a native speaker of a natural language and the philosophical problem of rule-following are juxtaposed, and the former is seen to be an instance ofExpand
Infinity and the foundations of linguistics
This paper argues that a central misconstrual of formal apparatus of recursive operations such as the set-theoretic operation merge has led to a mathematisation of the object of inquiry, producing a strong analogy with discrete mathematics and especially arithmetic. Expand
The Openness of Natural Languages
Paul M. Postal, New York University e-mail: Preface It might seem plausible to the non-specialist who thinks about natural language (NL) that a given NL, NLx, permits one toExpand
Empiricism, syntax, and ontogeny
ABSTRACT Generative grammarians typically advocate for a rationalist understanding of language acquisition, according to which the structure of a developed language faculty reflects innate guidanceExpand
Linguistic Judgments as Evidence
A Scholar for All Seasons
R. Scott Appleby is rightly celebrated for his legendary scholarly accomplishments and his many path-breaking initiatives while directing the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies at theExpand
Content internalism and conceptual engineering
Cappelen (Fixing language, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2018) proposes a radically externalist framework (the ‘Austerity Framework’) for conceptual engineering. This approach embraces theExpand