Language Universals and the Performance-Grammar Correspondence Hypothesis

  title={Language Universals and the Performance-Grammar Correspondence Hypothesis},
  author={John A. Hawkins},
Typological Word Order Correlations with Logistic Brownian Motion
In this study we address the question to what extent syntactic word-order traits of different languages have evolved under correlation and whether such dependencies can be found universally across
Slovak comparative correlatives
Comparative Correlatives (CCs) are biclausal constructions (e.g. The harder you work, the more you earn) that have complex semantics and form. This is the first construction grammar-based corpus
Language design and communicative competence: The minimalist perspective
  • Elliot Murphy
  • Linguistics
    Glossa: a journal of general linguistics
  • 2019
In the Minimalist Program, the place of linguistic communication in language evolution and design is clear: It is assumed to be secondary to internalisation. I will defend this position against its
Multiple approaches to complexity in second language research
An overview of current theoretical and methodological practices in L2 complexity research is provided, while simultaneously framing these within the broader scientific interest into the notion of complexity.
The typology and diachrony of higher numerals in Indo-European: a phylogenetic comparative study
Numerals have fascinated and mystified linguists, mathematicians and lay persons alike for centuries. The productive use of numerals (in languages where this happens) exploits recursivity to give
Augmenting Mean Dependency Distance
A trade-off relationship of syntactic complexity in two dimensions is shown between the two languages, where English tends to reduce the complexity of production in the hierarchical dimension, whereas Czech prefers to lessen the processing load in the linear dimension.


Some Universals of Grammar with Particular Reference to the Order of Meaningful Elements
A log slasher includes an elongated log receiving bunk and a saw assembly movable longitudinally along the bunk to saw logs supported in the bunk into shortened lengths. The saw is pivotally
Clause Structure and Movement Constraints in Russian
  • 1973
A Performance Theory of Order and Constituency
Testing EIC's performance predictions and the grammaticalisation of processing principles show clear trends in grammaticalised node construction, which bodes well for future generations of interpreters.
Efficiency and complexity in grammars
1. Introduction 2. Linguistics Forms, Properties and Efficient Signaling 3. Defining the Efficiency Principles and their Predictions 4. More on Form Minimization 5. Adjacency Effects Within Phrases
Language Universals: With Special Reference to Feature Hierarchies
Language Universals lays the foundations for a post-structuralist, usage-based theory of grammatical asymmetries and will continue to be influential for many years to come.
वाक्यविन्यास का सैद्धान्तिक पक्ष = Aspects of the theory of syntax
Methodological preliminaries of generative grammars as theories of linguistic competence; theory of performance; organization of a generative grammar; justification of grammar; descriptive and explanatory theories; evaluation procedures; linguistic theory and language learning.
The Prenominal [-Case] Relativization Strategy of Basque: Conventionalization, Processing and Frame Semantics
  • 2003
The Prenominal [-Case] Relativization Strategy of Basque: Conventionalization, Processing and Frame Semantics", MS, Depts
  • of Linguistics, USC, UCLA.
  • 2003
Word order universals
This article examines crosslinguistic variation in FILLER-GAP DEPENDENCIES (wH-questions and relative clauses) from a processing perspective, and integrates research findings from psycholinguistics,