Language, Truth and Logic

  title={Language, Truth and Logic},
  author={T. G.},
  • T. G.
  • Published 1936
  • Philosophy
  • Nature
AbstractTHIS excellent compendium of the views and doctrines of the new positivism derived from the scientific empiricism of the Vienna circle and an extreme interpretation of the aims of logic, will no doubt rejoice the increasing number of thinkers who have discovered lately that there is no philosophy at all. Carrying to its limits the methodological scepticism of Hume, the new positivism holds that sense-data are the primary elements of science, from which things and forces are its highly… 
Apriority and Essential Truth
Abstract There is a line of thought, neglected in recent philosophy, according to which a priori knowable truths such as those of logic and mathematics have their special epistemic status in virtue
Waiting for Truth: Metaphysics, Analytical Philosophy and Theoretical Science
Abstract Contemporary paradigms in philosophy seek to answer questions concerning the issue of truth by appealing to phenomenological or linguistic analysis. These two schools of thought are to be
Russellian andWittgensteinian Atomism
The distinct logical atomisms of Russell and Wittgenstein represent the origin of much that is characteristic of analytic philosophy. They inaugurate the project of logical analysis of ordinary
Bertrand Russell in Ethics and Politics
It is more or less de rigueur to begin a piece such as this by considering why anyone should take a serious philosphical interest in the ethics and politics of Bertrand Russell. Russell was, of
The M ethodological Roles of Tolerance and Conventionalism in the Philosophy of Mathematics: Reconsidering Carnap's Logic of Science
This dissertation makes two primary contributions. The first three chapters develop an interpretation of Carnap’s Meta-Philosophical Program which places stress upon his methodological analysis of
An Attempt at a Logical Refutation of Descartes’ Cogito Ergo Sum
In the development of Greek philosophy, the focus of the ancient philosophers on realities, trying to determine the ultimate principle of all things, begs the question as to what part or extent of
Beyond objectivism : an exploration in the epistemology and philosophy of science of Michael Polanyi and its relevance to truth claims in religion and ethics.
Absolute truth claims are problematic in a pluralist society such as South Africa. Yet a tolerant society must move beyond relativism (2.1.1) and recognize that certain moral imperatives, such as
Despite the otherwise-dominant trends towards physicalism and naturalism in philosophy, it has become increasingly common for metaphysicians to accept the existence either of modal facts and
Challenges to the Kantian Notions
  • Philosophy
  • 2021
Kant‟s strong espousal for knowledge where there is a combination of characteristics of synthetic and a priori awareness brought a revolution in philosophy. Successful completion of his critical
Logical Predictivism
This paper makes sense of the anti-exceptionalist proposal with a new account of logical theory choice, logical predictivism, according to which logics are engaged in both a process of prediction and explanation.