Language, Society, and Development: Dialectic of French and Creole Use in Haiti

  title={Language, Society, and Development: Dialectic of French and Creole Use in Haiti},
  author={Pierre-Michel Fontaine},
  journal={Latin American Perspectives},
  pages={28 - 46}
  • P. Fontaine
  • Published 1 January 1981
  • Sociology
  • Latin American Perspectives
Lang Kréyòl sé Kréasion pèp Afrikin ki débaké Gouadloup, Ayiti, Matinik, Dominik, etc. avè chinn an pié a-yo. Sé pa kolon fransé ki rété douvan yon tab, épi ki désidé kouman ésklav té douèt palé, ki chouazi mo lang-la, gramè lang-la. Sé pa konsa sa pasé. Sé pep-la minm ki fè lang-li1 (Bébel-Gisler and Hurbon, 1975: 18). In the constant struggle for power between the petits blancs (or mulattoes) [sic] and negroes, the former, with the encouragement of the Catholic clergy, which is largely French… 
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